Here is a list of my Sound Department credits; more information can be provided upon request:


  • — Sound Recorder, “Two Days In January” (Short documentary); Dir. Jack Delaney; London, UK. (Equipment: Roland R-26 portable sound recorder; Seinheiser EW100 ENG-G2 wireless lav mics)
  • — Additional Sound Recorder, The Buskers + Lou (Semi-scripted dramatic feature); Indieground Productions, Portland, OR. (Equipment: Zoom H4n portable audio recorder, Yamaha 4-channel mixer, Audio-Technica AT875 short condenser shotgun microphone, and a wired lavaliere mic)
  • — Sound Recorder, The Jagged Violet Fight Or Flight (Music video); Dir. John Fairfield, Flyboy Films, Dundee, UK.
  • — Sound Recorder, “Exegesis” (Feature documentary); Dir. Jack Delaney; Glasgow, UK. (EquipmentZoom H4N flash card recorder, Sony short gun directional microphone)
  • — Sound RecorderDuncan Of Jordonstone College of Art & Design (Promotional video); Dir. John Fairfield; Flyboy Productions; Dundee, UK. (Equipment: Zoom H4N flash card recorder, Sony short gun directional microphone)
  • — Sound RecorderOutland (Dramatic short); Dir. Adina Istrate; Flyboy Productions; Dundee, UK. (Equipment: Nagra V 24-bit Linear Recorder, Sennheiser 416 microphone)
  • — Production Assistant, “American Idol” (Series 11) (Factual TV Casting Special); Fox; American Idol Productions, Portland, OR.
  • — Sound RecorderReue (Dramatic short); Dir. James Cawley; Ridgeline Creative; Utah County, UT.
  • — Audio AssistantSundance Film Festival 2010 (Event); Pickerel Pie Productions; Park City, UT.
  • Boom OperatorThe Boathouse Detectives (Dramatic feature); Dir. Eric Hendershot; Taylor James Media; Utah County, UT.
  • — Additional Sound RecorderHurricane Emma (Non-scripted dramatic feature); Indieground Productions; Palm Springs, CA.
  • — Sound Recorder“SpyForLove” (Dramatic short); Dir. Carry Lynn Certa; URSA Productions; Valley Village, CA.
  • — Sound Recorder, In the Gray EPK (Behind-the-scenes documentary); Sogno Productions; Washougal, WA. (EquipmentPanasonic AG-DVX 100B)
  • — Sound Recordist, “Water Your Karma” (Dramatic short); Dir. Joe Jung; Stamford Bridge Productions; Los Angeles, CA. (Entry in the 2008 Los Angeles 48 Hour Film Race)

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