Here’s a fairly comprehensive but probably not 100% complete list of my industry credits, starting with my first gig way back in ’03:

  • 1st Assistant Director, “Double Cross” (Dramatic short); Dir. Mark Brocking; Doitschmark Productions; London, UK. (15-page 16mm black and white silent short film; 260 shots in 4 days with 40 person cast + crew.)
  • — Sound Recorder, “Two Days In January” (Short documentary); Dir. Jack Delaney; London, UK. (Equipment: Roland R-26 portable sound recorder; Seinheiser EW100 ENG-G2 wireless lav mics)
  • — Writer-Producer-Director-Rough Assembly Editor, The Buskers + Lou (Semi-scripted dramatic feature); Indieground Productions, Portland, OR. (Equipment: Canon EOS Rebel T2i, Canon EOS 7D; Zoom H4n portable audio recorder, Yamaha 4-channel mixer, Audio-Technica AT875 short condenser shotgun microphone, and a wired lavaliere mic; Premiere Pro CS6)
  • — 1st Assistant DirectorMaking Sparks (Webseries), Dir. Jack Delaney; App Media, London, UK. (35 action- and FX-heavy pages; 262 slates shot in 6 days with a 40 person cast + crew.)
  • — Talent, “Philomena” (Dramatic feature); London, UK.
  • — Talent, Maryland (Dramatic feature); Mad Dog Casting, London, UK.
  • Casting Associate, Mad Dog Casting, London, UK
  • — Locations AssistantMens Health Survival of the Fittest Race 2012 (Event); Flair Events, London, UK.
  • Sales Associate, Kit Hire, London, UK.
  • — Runner, “Monkey Cage”, Dir. Matt Harlock; Halflife Films, London, UK.
  • Producer/Co-Writer, Anderson McGinty Webster Ward & Fisher The Pigeon Song (Music video); Dirs. Matt Cameron & John Fairfield; Flyboy Films, Dundee, UK.
  • Jib Operator, “Mary Anning” (Dramatic short); Dir. Peter Richardson, Flyboy Films, Kirkwall, UK.
  • — Camera Operator, “Mary Shelley” (Dramatic short); Dir. Peter Richardson, Flyboy Films, Kirkwall, UK
  • Camera Operator, “Miss Donnithorne’s Maggot” (Live performance); St Magnus Folk Festival; Dir. Peter Richardson, Flyboy Films, Kirkwall, UK.
  • — Locations Manager, “Ein Sommer In Schottland” (Dramatic feature); Dir. Michael Keusch; Moviepool Productions.
  • Sound Recorder, The Jagged Violet Fight Or Flight (Music video); Dir. John Fairfield, Flyboy Films, Dundee, UK.
  • — Locations Assistant, “Chariots” (Dramatic short); Dir. Danny Boyle; 2012 Opening Ceremonies; St Andrews, UK.
  • — Assistant Producer“Miss Donnithorne’s Maggot” (Dramatic short); Dir. Peter Richardson, Flyboy Films, Dundee, UK.
  • — Camera Assistant, Tango In The Attic Pawprints (Music video); Dirs. Matt Cameron & Scott Davidson; Flyboy Films/Nipote Film, Dundee, UK. (Equipment: Panasonic AG-AF101)
  • — Talent, The Jagged Violet, “Thoughts of You (Music video); Dir. John Fairfield; Flyboy Films, Dundee, UK.
  • — Sound Recorder, “Exegesis” (Feature documentary); Dir. Jack Delaney; Glasgow, UK. (Equipment: Zoom H4N flash card recorder, Sony short gun directional microphone)
  • — Casting Assistant, “Bob Servant” (Series 1) (Dramatic TV series); BBC 4; Orla O’Connor Casting; Dundee, UK.
  • — Sound RecorderDuncan Of Jordonstone College of Art & Design (Promotional video); Dir. John Fairfield; Flyboy Productions; Dundee, UK. (Equipment: Zoom H4N flash card recorder, Sony short gun directional microphone)
  • — Camera Operator, CORE “From Within” CD Release Party (Short documentary); Dir. John Fairfield; Flyboy Productions, Dundee, UK.
  • — Art Dept. Assistant, ADO, The Ultra (Music video); Dirs. Rose Hendry & Ian Forbes; Dundee, UK.
  • — Traffic MarshallDunhill Links Classic 2010 (Event); Combined Services Provider, St. Andrews, UK.
  • Sound RecorderOutland (Dramatic short); Dir. Adina Istrate; Flyboy Productions; Dundee, UK. (Equipment: Nagra V 24-bit Linear Recorder, Sennheiser 416 microphone)
  • — Production Assistant, “American Idol” (Series 11) (Factual TV Casting Special); Fox; American Idol Productions, Portland, OR.
  • Co-Producer/Guest Speaker“Immortelle Model & Talent Expo” (Event); Docuality Media; Portland, OR.
  • — Producer-Director, Last Chance Garage (Short observational documentary); Docuality Media; Troutdale, OR.
  • — Casting Associate, “Biggest Loser” (Series 12) (Factual TV casting special); NBC Network; 25/7 Productions; Portland, OR.
  • — Casting Associate, “America’s Got Talent” (Series 5) (Factual casting special); NBC Network; Fremantle Media, Portland, OR.
  • — Production Assistant, “Gigolos” (Series 1) (Factual TV series); Showtime; Long Pond Media; Las Vegas, NV.
  • — Locations Assistant, Columbia Gorge Int’l Film Festival 2010 (Event) Sogno Productions, Washougal, WA.
  • — Set Construction, Scream At The Beach 2010 (Event) TW Productions; Portland, OR.
  • — Sound Recorder, Reue (Dramatic short); Dir. James Cawley; Ridgeline Creative; Utah County, UT.
  • — Audio AssistantSundance Film Festival 2010 (Event); Pickerel Pie Productions; Park City, UT.
  • — Production Assistant“Little Chocolatiers” (Season 1) (Factual TV series); The Learning Channel; Long Pond Media, Salt Lake City, UT.
  • — Lead Production AssistantTaco Time Corporate Video (Promotional video); D-Street Films; Salt Lake City, UT.
  • Boom OperatorThe Boathouse Detectives (Dramatic feature); Dir. Eric Hendershot; Taylor James Media; Utah County, UT.
  • — Production Assistant“Tori & Dean: Inn Love” (Factual TV series); Oxygen Network; World Of Wonder Productions; Palm Desert, CA.
  • — Production Designer, L’Asilo Di Brea (Dramatic short); KHOP Entertainment, Los Angeles, CA.  (Props/Weapons Handler)
  • — Production Designer, Harrah’s Casino “The Discovery” (Promotional video); InFocus Media Group; Valley Center, CA.
  • — Writer-Producer-Director-Rough Assembly Editor, Hurricane Emma (Non-scripted dramatic feature); Indieground Productions; Palm Springs, CA.
  • — Sound Recorder“SpyForLove” (Dramatic short); Dir. Carry Lynn Certa; URSA Productions; Valley Village, CA.
  • — Writer, Pangaea (Short fiction); Colored Chalk #6: Waking Up Strange.
  • — Set ConstructionFather Vs. Son (Dramatic feature) Dir. Joe Ballarini; Film Crewe Productions; Los Angeles, CA.
  • — Art Director, “Devolved (Dramatic feature); Devolved LLC; Malibu, CA.  (Prop Designer, Weapons handler)
  • — Production Manager/Art Director, “El Borracho (Dramatic short);  dir. Will Hoppins; Los Angeles, CA.  (Props, Weapons handler)
  • — Art Director, DJ Hell The Angst (Music video); Dir. Nicole MacDonald; Hollywood, CA.
  • — Production Designer, Ballistica” (Dramatic feature) Dir. Gary Jones; Sofia Pictures; Los Angeles, CA. (Set Designer, Props Handler)
  • — Art Director, In the Gray” (Dramatic short); Dir. Rob Holloway; Sogno Productions; Washougal, WA. (Props/Weapons handler.)
  • — Self-Shooting Producer-Director, In the Gray EPK (Behind-the-scenes documentary); Sogno Productions; Washougal, WA. (Equipment: Panasonic AG-DVX 100B)
  • — Logger/Transcriber, “Untamed Alaska” (Documentary TV series); Discovery Channel; Cheri Sundae Productions; N. Hollywood, CA.
  • — Logger/Transcriber“Against the Elements” (Documentary TV series); Science Channel; Cheri Sundae Productions; N. Hollywood, CA.
  • Logger/Transcriber“Tornado Rampage” (Documentary TV series); Discovery Channel; Cheri Sundae Productions; N. Hollywood, CA.
  • Logger/Transcriber, “Hell Drivers” (Documentary TV series); Cheri Sundae Productions; N. Hollywood, CA.
  • Logger/Transcriber“Shockwave” (Documentary TV series); History Channel; Cheri Sundae Productions; N. Hollywood, CA.
  • — Logger/Transcriber, “Untamed & Uncut” (Documentary TV series); Animal Planet; Cheri Sundae Productions; N. Hollywood, CA.
  • — Writer-Producer-Sound Recordist; “Water Your Karma” (Dramatic short); Dir. Joe Jung; Stamford Bridge Productions; Los Angeles, CA. (Entry in the 2008 Los Angeles 48 Hour Film Race)
  • — Camera Operator/Lighting Technician, Spotlight on the Desert (Documentary TV series); NBC Network; Britton HD Video, Palm Desert, CA.
  • — Stage Crew/Rigging, Black Enterprise Magazine “Women of Power Summit” 2008 (Event); A la Carte Events, Palm Desert, CA.
  • — Production Designer“Gerald” (Dramatic feature); Dir. Marc Clebanoff; Gerald LLC; Los Angeles, CA.
  • — Box Office Assistant, Sundance Film Festival 2008 (Event); Sundance Institute, Park City, UT.
  • — Production Designer, Duncan & Brady (Dramatic short) Dir. Brett Johnson; Los Angeles, CA.  (Set Dressing, Props/Weapons handling)
  • — Stage Crew/RiggingFocal Event’s Memorial Benefit 2007 (Event); Vibe Images, Long Beach, CA.
  • — Production Designer, Break (Dramatic feature); Dir. Marc Clebanoff; Odyssey Motion Pictures; Los Angeles, CA.
  • — Production Designer, Mindbender (Dramatic short), Dir. Andre LeBlanc; Nadar Entertainment; Los Angeles, CA.
  • — Grip, “The Egg Farmer” (Dramatic short); Dir. CJ Longhammer; Nick Kahn Productions, N. Hollywood, CA.
  • — Camera Operator“The Psycho Nubs “Alley of the Ignots/Olive Man (Music video); Dir. RC Fill; N. Hollywood, CA. (Equipment: Panasonic AG-DVX100)
  • — Production Designer, Kung Fu Joe (Dramatic feature); Kung Fu Joe LLC; Bellingham, WA. (Costume Design/Construction)
  • – Production Designer, A Gothic Tale (Dramatic feature); Dir. Justin Paul Ritter; A Gothic Tale LLC; Los Angeles, CA.
  • — Art Director, Umbilical (Dramatic short); Daydreamer Picture; Los Angeles, CA.  (Set Dresser, Props handler)
  • — Production DesignerBulletface (Dramatic feature); Dir. Albert Pyun; A. Pyun Films; Los Angeles, CA. (Set Dresser, Props/Weapons handler)
  • — Production Assistant, “Hells Kitchen” (Series 3) (Factual TV series); Fox Network; Granada Entertainment; Culver City, CA.
  • — Art Dept. Assistant/B-Cam Operator“Over Your Head” (Season 2) (Factual TV series); HGTV; LMNO Productions; Ventura, CA. (Equipment: Panasonic HVX200)
  • — Production Assistant, “Hidden Palms” (Pilot) (Factual TV series); CW Network; Lions Gate Television; Palm Springs, CA.
  • — Stage Crew/Rigging, Focal Event’s Memorial Benefit 2006 (Event); Vibe Images, Long Beach, CA.
  • — Art Dept. Assistant, “Over Your Head” (Season 1) (Factual TV series); HGTV; LMNO Productions; Ventura, CA.
  • — Co-Writer-Production Manager-Production Designer, “Iran” (Dramatic short); Dir. Brett Johnson; ellacia Productions; Desert Hot Springs, CA.
  • — Logger/Transcriber, “Little People, Big World” (Series 2) (Documentary TV series); The Learning Channel; Gay Rosenthal Productions; Hollywood, CA.
  • — On Set Dresser, Hers” (Dramatic feature); Dir. J.J. Kim; Bada Entertainment; Hope, AK.
  • — Researcher, “100 Greatest TV Quotes & Catchphrases” (Documentary TV special); TV Land; Gay Rosenthal Productions; Hollywood, CA.
  • — Camera Assistant“Project Runway 3: Casting Special” (Season 3) (Factual TV special); Bravo Network; Magical Elves, Los Angeles, CA.
  • — Art Dept. Assistant, Yellowcard Rough Landing Holly (Music video); DNA Productions; Los Angeles, CA.
  • — Logger/Transcriber“Little People, Big World” (Series 1) (Documentary TV series); The Learning Channel; Gay Rosenthal Productions; Hollywood, CA.
  • — Art Dept. Assistant, “Playboy’s Miss April/Miss May” (TV special); Playboy TV; Michael Trikilis Productions; Los Angeles, CA.
  • — Logger/Transcriber“Treasure Hunters” (Factual TV series); NBC Network; Magical Elves; Los Angeles, CA.
  • — Production Assistant, “Starting Over” (Factual TV series); ABC Network; Bunim-Murray Productions; Encino, CA.
  • — Logger/Transcriber“Project Runway” (Season 2) (Factual TV series); Bravo Network; Story Department; Magical Elves; Los Angeles, CA.
  • — Logger/Transcriber“A Current Affair” (Factual TV series); FOX Network; 20th Fox Television; Culver City, CA.
  • — Logger/Transcriber“Project Greenlight” (Season 3) (Factual TV Series); Bravo Network; Bravo Cable; Los Angeles, CA.
  • — Writer-Producer-Director-Editor,
  • Marvin’s Lament (Dramatic short); Los Angeles, CA.
  • — Logger/Transcriber“Project Runway” (Season 1) (Factual TV series); Bravo Network; Story Department; Magical Elves; Los Angeles, CA.
  • — Art Dept. Assistant, “The Next Great Champ” (Factual TV series); FOX Network; Endemol Entertainment; Los Angeles, CA.
  • — Art Dept. Assistant, “Cowboy U.” (Factual TV series); CMT Network; Triage Entertainment; Nipomo, CA.
  • — Stage Coordinator, “Ovations” (Event); Desert Sands Unified School District, Palm Desert, CA.
  • — Camera Assistant“Average Joe” (Season 2) (Factual TV series); ABC Network; Krasnow Productions, Palm Springs, CA. (EquipmentSony Digital Betacam)

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