After studying journalism and creative writing at university, Alex Cassun began his career in the entertainment industry as 1st AC for award-winning Director of Photography of NBC’s record-breaking reality series “Average Joe”.

Alex has developed, directed, and produced a pair of semi-scripted dramatic features (“Hurricane Emma”, “The Buskers + Lou”), as well as a short observational documentary (“Last Chance Garage”); he’s worked as a production designer for nearly two dozen features, shorts, music-, and corporate videos, and he’s worked in the story department for a number of award-winning factual entertainment and OB doc productions including “Project Runway” an “Little People/Big World”. Most recently he co-wrote and co-produced “Pigeon Song” for the Scottish folk/blues rock collective Anderson McGinty Webster Ward & Fisher in conjunction with Dundee-based Flyboy Films.

His “whatever it takes” approach to filmmaking has led him to wear a variety of hats – along with his writing, directing and producing efforts, he has experience in all phases of production and has worked as an editor, sound recordist, costume designer, prop manufacturer, weapons handler, and casting, among others. He has blended these influences to create rich, character-driven dramas shot in a fast-paced, run-and-gun manner.

Alex can be reached via email at alex@indiegroundfilms.com

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