Making Sparks

A few months ago I 1st AD’d an app-based serial called “Making Sparks“, directed by Jack Delaney, produced by Don Allen for App Media, and starring Merv Lukeba (Skins) as Perry, Elizabeth Merrick as Anna, and Jon Campling (Harry Potter & The Deathly Hollows, Jack the Giant Killer) as Vaughn. It was 35 action- and special fx-heavy pages which will, at some point, be released as 7 5-minute episodes that you can download and watch on your smart phone or tablet. Despite all the yelling and bloodshed it was a fun project with a great bunch of people. We managed to shoot everything we needed and the footage looked great, thanks to the very talented DOP George Allen and his crew.

Check out the trailer here:

And here are a few (mostly non-spoilery) shoddy photos I snapped in between berating the Sound Department and Runners for insubordination:


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