A Word of Warning: Moviepool Productions

Hi All —

I don’t post updates very often but when I do I try to keep things fun and positive — it’s tough to make a living as a freelance filmmaker, and keeping a positive attitude is the only way to make it through most days. I could easily ramble on and on for hours on end about all the bullshit I’ve encountered over the years — and probably could spend a good couple hours alone discussing the mismanagement of this particular project — but I choose to forget most of it and keep my eyes on the next project, or the next big event. However, with that said, I’d like to post this as a warning to whomever might be reading this blog.

Almost 6 months ago I wrapped production on a project called “Ein Sommer in Schottland“, a £1M German TV movie that shoot in various locations around Scotland. By and large all the crew members, cast, and producers were friendly and professional and I liked everyone quite a bit. However, due to a couple of specific people in very, very important positions, what should have been a fun and casual two month low-paid (but still paid!) gig was turned very much unnecessarily into a nightmare filled with non-stop stress and anger and lots of shouting and headaches. I won’t go into specifics (but feel free to ask, I love telling stories!), but let’s just say that this was the most expensive 1st year student project that I’ve ever worked on.

Which is fine, by the way. I can, to a degree, handle working with people who make things more difficult than they need to be. What is really unfortunate is that after nearly 6 months of being off the production, I am still receiving weekly harassing phone calls from creditors claiming I owe them money for a production car that I picked up from Europcar and drove for literally literally 40 minutes before handing the keys off to the UPM. Apparently there’s a week or so worth of rental time due Europcar, and they’re targeting me for payment. Europcar (and their creditors) have been given all the necessary information to take care of this properly without involving me. Moviepool has all the details they need to get this take care of without me. And yet, all these months later, nothing’s been dealt with properly and I’ve been blacklisted from renting cars in the UK. And if that wasn’t bad enough, whomever drove the car after me was apparently not properly insured on it, so my name is the only name on the insurance list, and that person received a speeding ticket which I’m being pestered to pay for!

If anyone has any advice on what I can do to clear my name here, that would be very much appreciated.


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