“Hurricane Emma” (nee “I’m On Fire”) Update: Sundance, 2012

It’s been a while since I’ve posted any “I’m On Fire” updates, but here’s a big one: a good few months ago I handed the rough footage off to a very talented editor with some free time on her hands, and I tried to forgot all about it while I worked on other projects*. Well, now the picture has been locked, it has a new title (“Hurricane Emma”), and it’s off to Sundance. The next step: find a locally-based sound designer and color correction expert to give it a brush up, and fine-tune the soundtrack and call it a day.

I’m very excited about this new version — the pacing and shot selection is much stronger, the relationships between the characters are much clearer, and the climax hasn’t lost any of it’s emotional punch. It’s been a really long process with a lot of hiccups, but I’m incredibly proud of what we accomplished, and I’m looking forward to getting “Hurricane Emma” out to as many festivals as I can.

A big thank you for everyone who has helped on it, and for all of you who have waited so long to get your final DVD– I promise, I haven’t forgottent’ll get to you, someday. Below is the rough version of the poster I whipped up the other morning. More updates to come soon, I hope…

* And got married, and moved out of country…

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